Creating Winners for Life

Coaching History

The concepts of personal development and self improvement have their roots in psycho-therapy and first came to public notice in the 1930’s with the initial momentum in the USA. From then until the mid 1980’s there were few breakthrough developments. Most procedures retained a degree of ‘therapist and patient’ relationship where the source of a trauma or issue was sought to provide
an indication of the ‘cure’.

This left many individuals with a general feeling that ‘there must be something more to life’. Life coaching evolved to accommodate this need, once more, the momentum started in the USA. The new relationship became a partnership between coach and client with each equally and totally committed to the client’s desired and stated outcomes.

Unlike therapy or counselling, life coaching starts from where you are now and helps you get to where you want to be.

When a life coach helps you to define an action it is not the action itself that is important.

It is the results that derive from that action that create the success.”

Twin Options

INDIVIDUAL COACHING is a one to one relationship between coach and client. It usually follows the format of weekly telephone sessions by prior appointment, each lasting around an hour. Coaching is a practical and holistic process and is totally results oriented.

CORPORATE COACHING acknowledges that any business or company is made up of individuals.

Unless they all share common objectives and buy into the company ethos and
culture, there will be a lack of productivity. A one to one relationship is still maintained but, most corporate coaches will conduct face to face sessions on your premises.

Everyone, without exception, has a vast potential for happiness and success, a potential that is all too often unexplored. Your life coach awakens you to the amazing possibilities that you possess and
shows you how to use them for the benefits of you, your family and your employer or staff”

“Work with Creating Winners to remove your obstacles and unlock your real potential.

It starts now and ends never.”

Creating Winners for Life 2011